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Privacy Policy

No one wants an app that does creepy stuff with your data. With Focuses, your data is private. Your focuses, scores, and notes are private and are only stored on your device. I will never see what you enter in and never will anyone else.

To help improve the app, some anonymous data is collected. Apple provides some anonymous information to developers. Additionally, Focuses uses Firebase to collect more detailed crash reports using Crashlytics and to collect some usage data. This is to help me fix bugs quicker and to know where I should be spending my time.

For example:

  • Someone added a new focus.
  • Someone deleted a focus with 5 scores.
  • Someone found the easter egg on the about screen.

None of these events contain any details about your focuses, scores, or notes.

View Firebase's Privacy Policy

Focuses does not sell or rent your data, and the anonymous information is collected only for use in improving the app. You can disable analytics and crash reporting at any time.

Focuses is built with by Sam Warnick

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